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What We Do

Annual Flu Vaccine and COVID-19 Vaccine

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Other Immunizations

Daily Pills

Compliance Packaging

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Certified Compression Stocking Fittings

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Medication Management

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Diabetes Counselling and More

What You Can Find In-Store

Free RX Delivery in Town

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Blood Pressure Monitoring and Screening

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Smoking Cessation

Wound Care Dressings and Supplies


Foot Care Products


Home Health Care Products

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COVID-19 Vaccine and Annual Flu Vaccine

Call for availability 

Other Immunizations

Our pharmacists are trained to administer some travel vaccines and other common vaccines in-store!

Call the pharmacy for more details.

Compliance Packaging

Come speak to our pharmacy staff about blister cards and strip roll packaging to help take the guess work out of your daily medication! 

Certified Compression Stocking Fittings

Compression stockings are commonly used to help with:

- Tired, aching legs

- Varicose veins

- Chronic venous disease 

- Long-distance travel

- Sitting or standing for long periods of time

- Pregnancy, excess weight and sedentary lifestyle

Call the pharmacy for an appointment! We offer Sigvaris, Jobst and Truform brands!

Medication Management

Get the most benefit from you medication by scheduling a one-on-one appointment with one of our pharmacists to review your prescription and non-prescription medications. 

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Diabetes Counselling, Monitors and more!

Get your blood glucose numbers to target. Speak to our pharmacy team today about diabetes medication and treatment. 

Need a new blood sugar monitor? We have a wide array of monitors available and pharmacy staff ready to train!

Free in-town RX Delivery

Free weekday prescription delivery in the Orangeville area for your convenience.

Blood Pressure Monitoring and Screening

Come speak with one of our pharmacists for more information and an in-store blood pressure check-up!

Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking may be one of the hardest challenges for a smoker but doing so has tremendous health benefits. Ask one of our pharmacists for tips and advice!

Wound Care

We carry a wide array of dressing supplies including specialty wound care by BSN medical.

Foot Care

We carry Pedifix medical footcare products for specialized solutions to common foot problems. Come in today to see our selection!

Home Health Care

We carry Airway Surgical Orthopedic braces/supports and Personal Care Products. Come in store to see our selection!

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