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Since 1912 -

At Jeffers Pharmacy, we've built our business on a legacy of providing caring service to our customers.  Founded in 1912 by Carson Jeffers, Jeffers Pharmacy is one of the oldest pharmacies in Canada.  The original store was located for over eight decades on Broadway, the main street in the historic town of Orangeville, Ontario.

Jeffers Pharmacy has built its reputation for caring service one customer at a time. From the days when medications were compounded from separate active ingredients to today's fast-paced world of drive-through pharmacies, Jeffers has adapted and changed. However, in many respects we have remained the same with personalized service being our trademark.

Although the original store is gone, our goal for quality and personalized service remains. While Jeffers Pharmacy has advanced with technology and current best practices, it remains committed to Carson Jeffers' original service philosophy that "Every prescription has a face." This is true also in our extensive experience serving group and institutional settings.

From humble beginnings, three generations of Jeffers have contributed to building a legacy of caring.  From what Carson started, his son Grant continued as has Grant's daughter, Barbara. Today, Jeffers Pharmacy is proud to be a service leader in providing innovative pharmacy solutions to the communities we serve.

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